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Have YOU got a story? A radio drama perhaps? A documentary? A podcast, an audiobook or even just a short explainer for your company? 


Allow me to help transform your written narrative into something three dimensional.


If you've had a listen to some of my demos and think my voice might lend itself well to whatever your narrative might be; please drop me a line with a sample of your script and I'd be thrilled to offer you a free demo read.

Sarah Bowers
All Grown Up
The Doom Town Dummies
Thin, Brittle, Mile

I'm delighted to share that I play several roles in Audio Mystery Theatre's latest audio drama series 

"The Ornamental Hermit" alongside many fabulous fellow voice actors.

It's a nine-part Victorian mystery, produced by Audio Mystery Theatre, set in 1890. Scotland Yard's DS Billings is investigating the murder of a member of Britain's aristocracy; it seems that the tentacles of a Russian counterfeiting operation reach rather further into the British establishment than is ideal...

Ornamental Hermit

A fun example of a narrative project I have been involved in was created and cast by The British Filmmaker's Alliance.


I was cast to both to co-narrate the 'audiomovie' entitled "Thin, Brittle, Mile" with Simon Callow as well as play two of the female characters within the story.


Here are some exerts of my role as co-narrator; be warned though, the content's quite gritty and for adults only.


Although I'm always delighted to be invited to record at a new studio, if it suits you better from a timing/ budget point of view to have me record and edit your narration on site, my broadcast quality, professional (and rather gorgeous don't you think) studio might be a great option!

It's fully linked to any time zone with hard wired super fast broadband and if you'd prefer creative control during the recording process, you can direct me live.

Head over to my studio page to find out more!

"Sarah is an incredible talent.  Her beautiful mellifluous voice was the perfect fit for our forthcoming AudioMovie ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’.  She can characterise drama and tension as effortlessly as she can comedy. Her range was astounding and she fluctuated between characters with the alacrity of a magician. Sarah’s commitment to the work, promptness in delivery and can do attitude was remarkable. She is pure joy to work with"

Katharine Collins, Founder, The British Filmakers Alliance

Are you curious to hear whether I might have the right voice for your story?

Send me a snippet of your script, I'll demo it for free and then you'll know for sure!

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