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Welcome to The Old Shed, my broadcast quality professional home studio

I appreciate that time and budget can be limited on a project, therefore recording from my broadcast quality, professional home studio is an ideal solution.


I can help you with tight deadlines and record from my voiceover studio at no extra cost to you.


Wanna hear how lovely it sounds in there?! Have a listen to some RAW audio... 

Sarah Bowers Recording Set Up

​This is my recording set up:

  • Studio: DW Series Professional Session Booth

  • Mic: Sennheiser MK4 Condenser Microphone

  • Audio interface: SSL 2+ Audio interface

  • Recording software: Adobe Audition

  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones

  • My Extras: IZotope RX10 Standard plug-ins

Are you a fellow voice actor looking for a studio to hire? 

Check out my studio hire page to find out more.

"Sarah was a delight to work with; very professional, versatile in her delivery and great with direction. Our remote voiceover session went incredibly smoothly. Would highly recommend."

Joshua Valanzuolo, Producer, Shoot Media

Come on in and see for yourself...

I record in a DW Series Session Booth. Not only does it boast a double wall and fully acoustic panels compete with a little window overlooking the countryside but it is linked to the wider world with hard wired super fast broadband. 


If you'd like to direct me live via Zoom, Skype, Cleanfeed, Source Connect etc, that's no problem; plus, you can keep all the takes, or ask me to pick out the best ones for you.

Being a rather solitary job, it's always a voiceover's pleasure to collaborate live with creatives around the world! Not only does it give us the chance to 'meet' face to face, but it means you can have full creative input and make sure the style of delivery is exactly what you're after.

"Sarah has now completed several voice projects for us and she always does a fantastic job for our clients. She has a GREAT sounding professional set-up and she's really skilled at editing and delivering high quality audio.

On top of that she is an absolute dream to work with... Need a female VO who delivers top quality fab work every time? Don't let this gem of an artist slip through your fingers :) give her a shout!"

Darren Street, The Voice Reel Studio

Would you like to hear how YOUR script could sound recorded in The Old Shed?

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