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I'm also proud to be a part-time radio presenter on...

Female British Voiceover
Female British Voiceover

When I’m not voiceover-ing, you’ll find me in the recording studio at the back of the Horton General Hospital in Banbury recording my feel good shows on the iconic Radio Horton hospital radio.


We broadcast across Banbury’s Horton General Hospital as well as local care homes, bringing a friendly voice and though I say so myself, some fantastic music, to patients and residents. 


Wanna tune in? Visit the Radio Horton website and click ‘Listen’ or just yell at your smart speaker “Alexa, play Radio Horton!”


I’m on air just after the news at 3pm – 4pm every Thursday and again at 10am – 11am every Saturday!

"Sarah has a natural presenting style, with a friendly and warm personality, providing comfort and reassurance and lifting the spirits of those feeling under the weather. Utilising her skills as a voiceover, Sarah has produced an array of voiceovers and audio imaging for Radio Horton, which are broadcast regularly throughout the day."

Sam Smett, Chair, Radio Horton

These special people are some of my "belovéds"...
you won't find a single show without me squeezing at least one of them in!

The very nature of being a Hospital Radio Presenter means I have to try and entertain a broad spectrum of listeners; from the very young to the more wise and wonderful and everyone in between. Hospital patients, care home residents and staff as well as whoever might be tuning in online.

My shows are always upbeat, feel GREAT and I hope bring comfort to those listening. 

Interested? Have a listen of this example show!

Do you work in radio and have something you'd like to chat about? I'm all ears!

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